mycelium construction

Fungal mycelium-hemp-wood construction, SciArt collective MY-CO-X + studio milz, 2022
studio milz has been ask to participate in the ideation and prototyping of a bespoke novel mycelium exhibit. It focuses on the combination of the three natural building materials - fungal mycelium, hemp, and wood and represents the interdisciplinary collaboration between studio milz and the SciArt collective MY-CO-X and there disciplines. The wooden elements and their bespoke mycelium sockets are both the formwork for the fungal growth on hemp shives and the supporting structure of the overall structure, calculated with the help of digital planning. The innovative composite material based on fungal mycelium and hemp serves as a bio-based insulating material and can replace polystyrene in the future.

SciArt collective MY-CO-X:
Prof. Vera Meyer
Prof. Sven Pfeiffer

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